"CCI is an audio visual production company specializing in television and new media and dedicated to quality."


Need copies of your video, audio or multimedia program? CCI offers duplication services in a wide variety of formats.

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Video Duplications/Conversions

CCI's tape duplication room accomodates the following formats: DigiBeta, Beta SP, DVD, VHS, S-VHS, Mini-DV, 3/4", 1-inch, and PAL Beta.

CCI also makes video conversions. If you need NTSC video converted to PAL format or the reverse, CCI can make it happen.

CCI's tape duplication room is linked to our studio, post production and multimedia suites.

Audio Duplications

Whether you need an audio cassette duplication or copies made of your favorite CD, CCI is equipped to handle the job.

Our multimedia suite is complete with cassette duplication equipment as well as CD burners. CCI can also customize a logo for the face of your CD.

MultiMedia Duplications

In addition to CD duplications, CCI can make copies of your DVD program. The multimedia suite is linked with our other duplication facilites making duplication from one type format to another possible for our clients.


CCI recently began offering closed-captioning services for all television and video programming as part of its duplication and conversion division. Closed-captioning service is now available for pre-recorded programming on all CCI productions and as a stand-alone service.

For prerecorded, offline captioning, two style options are available: pop-on and roll-up style. Pop-on style, similar to movie subtitles, appear on the screen all at once and can appear anywhere, but usually appear near the person who is speaking. Pop-on captions appear one line at a time, are time-coded to match shot changes, appear in synch with the audio, and do not interfere with the action. Roll-up style is often used in news captioning, soap operas and entertainment programming. As with pop-on style, captions are time-coded, but they scroll up one line at a time from the bottom or top of the screen.

CCI offers closed-captioning on all major broadcast formats, including Beta SP, Digibeta, DVC Pro, MiniDV, S-VHS, 1-inch, D2, and D5.

Standard turn around time for captioning and delivery is seven days, however rush delivery is available.